Tom Yum Hed(Thai mushroom soup)


This spicy Thai mushroom soup is a great vegetarian dish, like the famous Tom Yam Gung (shrimp) I use tomato and onion to give it more depth. you can make it as spicy or plain as you like, taste should be spicy, sour and a little salty. for vegetarian use salt instead of fish sauce, or mushroom soy sauce.
If you like coconut milk tom yum nam khon makes a creamy special soup.
Aside from being one of the most popular soup in Thailand, Tom Yum Soup has many health benefits, due its potent combination of herbs and spices. In fact, this Thai soup is currently under scientific study, as it appears to have immune-boosting power as a natural remedy for cold and flu viruses.

tom yam hed


200g mushrooms any variety. I have mixed oyster and shiitake.
1 red onion.
1 tomato.
piece of galangal.
1 bunch lemon grass.
6 kaffir lime leaves.
1 or 2 limes.
coriander leaves, for decoration.
fish sauce to taste.
chopped chilli to taste.


cut and soak the mushrooms. boil a pan of water, break the lemon grass with back of knife to bruise it, peel and slice galangal. add to water, boil for 2 minutes to release aroma, add onions,tomato and mushrooms. add kaffir lime leaves, cook for 1 minute turn off heat.
In your serving bowl add crushed chilli(1 or 2 for mild, more for spicy) 2 teaspoons fish sauce, and juice from 2 or 3 limes, add the hot soup and stir, add more chilli, lime or fish sauce depending on your taste. top with coriander leaves and serve.

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